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Modesto Barbershop Story

By Nathan Bunney of

Several years back, my wife told me I needed to stop going to the local haircut chain for my hair cuts. The consistency was terrible and they had no clue what to do with my beard. So she began dragging me around to the places she was getting her hair cut.

The quality of cut definitely increased but so did the cost and the loss of dignity… There were the stylist 'chicks' who would take more time deciding what to do with my hair than they did actually cutting it. They knew how to trim my beard (at least most of them did and we aren't even going there on that other one) but I could tell that it was below their 'pay grade' to have to trim a beard!

Finally my wife dragged me to one of her friend's stylist. He was "not a barber" but a stylist. He had cut some moderately famous peoples' hair in the mid 80's and had quite the reputation. So off we went. I kid you not, he was like a character on Saturday Night Live. Simpering over me, oohing over me, touching my hair… he put eye protection on while trimming my beard. Ooh the horror.

"Never again", said I in a fitful rage of passion. And then I set off on a quest to find a real honest to goodness barber shop in Modesto. After a few mis-steps I stumbled on Don Moss at Style Masters. Don has been cutting hair since he was 5 (no joke ask him to show you the picture), is a fully licensed barber, hunts, camps, rides motorized vehicles anywhere he can, and has a ton of animals nicely mounted in his shop. Don gives me a great and consistent haircut at a great price. I wouldn't even consider another barber shop anymore!